Name: Oliver Rowland
D.O.B: 10/8/92
Lives: Penistone, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Hobbies: Wakeboarding, Swimming, Rugby
Ambitions: F1 Driver
Class: JICA
Chassis: Zip Kart Evo
Engine: Parilla Swift
Sponsors: Mum and Dad, and The Zip Young Guns
Nickname: Olly
Racing CV: 2001 1st Gold Cup Cadet,
  2002 2nd Super 1 Cadet, 1st 'GP' Plate,
  2003 1st Super 1 Cadet Champion,
  2004 1st Super 1 Cadet Champion,
  2005 British JICA Vice Champion,
  2005 Stars of Tommorow JICA Vice Champion
  2006 British JICA Vice Champion
  2007 Competing in JICA - Leading British Championship after 2 Rounds